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It is with Goodking, the first co-working space in Seclin, that we wanted to dedicate this place to professionals initiated to telework in search of tranquility and confidentiality.

For one or two people, this private office has many equipments and facilities to optimize your comfort and your well-being at work.

  • Area: 10 sq. ft.
  • Office 260x60 cm
  • Dedicated fiber optic wifi access
  • 5 electrical outlets - Double USB outlets - HDMI cable
  • 29 inch screen 



For those difficult mornings, the Nespresso and the kettle are waiting for you. Tea and capsules are included.

If you are a athletic between 12 and 2 pm, there is nothing like a good shower ! This office has a private shower cabin with toilet and sink. Bath sheets and toiletries are provided.                                                

The suspended armchair to think, or take a nap !