Boris Meunier, propriétaire de l'hôtel Moustache


After more than 20 years of travels and professional experience in hotel-club all over the world, I put my suitcases in Seclin... in the NORTH !!!

Honored thanks to the success movie "Bienvenue chez les CH'TIS", the region has not failed in its reputation of being friendly, warm and generous... And it is true !

It is from these three values that the idea of HOTEL MOUSTACHE was born.



A totally independent hotel with 58 rooms decorated with care in a cocooning wood and industrial style warm and uncluttered.

Our promise is to welcome our guests in a relaxed spirit, with a smile and a friendly atmosphere, providing them with comfort and a touch of design at a price accessible to all.

HOTEL MOUSTACHE why this name ?

Many people wonder about the name of our hotel.

Contrary to what we think, it does not owe its name to the hipster movement which idealizes and idolizes the wearing of hair on the upper lip of men,


The origins are much older and refer to the geographical name where the hotel is located. 

In the past, this place marked an ancient mountain : Mont Stache.

This place was then, in the sixteenth century, the location of a famous brewery : ''Brasserie du Mont Stache''.

The common language and the random use of the pronunciation did not fail to confuse the expression associated with the beer ''la mousse tâche'' and the ''Mont Stache'' ...

Today our hotel pays tribute, in two ways, to this singular history as well as to its interior decoration.

For those who would like to believe it...